Black lines/strokes appearing in rectangles of imported SVGs

  • Hi all,

    Having a problem where black lines are randomly appearing upon import of my SVG into Videoscribe. This has happened with a couple of them now and don't think this has been previously raised according to my many googles on the topic.

    Curiously, this was happening in the rectangle of the 'P' in MCPC but I've somehow managed to sort that out (?!). I believe that was a cheeky clipping mask hiding away in there - alas, no such obvious explanation for the others that I can tell.

    I have checked SVG code and as in AI for strokes, clipping masks, invisible layers etc. SVG views fine in my browser and only seems to appear in Videoscribe.

    Any ideas how to get rid? I'm on free trial right now and really hoping to get this sorted so I can commit...


  • Hi,
    Here is a related thread that explains the problem and a solution:
    random black outline

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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