Colour Appearing Itself

  • Hello.

    Please tell me,In this video how colour is appearing itself.Is it possible?

    Please guide me.I have never seen this type of video.

    Thanks in advance.

  • To precisely reproduce those effects, I believe that you would have to be able to draw the art work, on paper, record it with a real camera and then use after effects to edit the video.

    You might be able to achieve similar effects if you use videoscribe and then use after effects to edit the video for the color transitions. but you will probably still need custom art.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Yes I use videoscribe but I can not understand how it will be in after effect after import video in after effect.

    Can you guide me or send me link of tutorial in which this is being done.


  • I don't use After Effects, but it looks like a simple fade transition and some masking if you want to only transition part of the screen.

    I would recommend that you search or youtube for whatever tutorials you need.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks for give your precious time to answer my question.

    I will search on youtube and adobe according to your best suggestion.

    Again Thank You Mike.

  • Hi, did you find a way to do this? 

  • Hi, did you find a way to do the coloring effect using videoscribe?

  • Hi Glory Setton, Yes I have found a method because of Mike Metcalf.

    He suggested me to use Adobe after effects or other software for this purpose.

    I use Camtasia Studio and this is easily happening on it.You have to give a fade effect on image and whatever you want.

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