Video Scribe Wishlists

  • Hi guys,

    I just started using VIDEOSCRIBE about a month ago and find it interesting. However, I also find it cumbersome to work with. Some issues like being unable to import multiple elements at a time. No Fade IN/OUT, the UNDOS sometimes doesn't work, it does some weird things on SVG files like adding EXTRA BORDERS on BARS created from ILLUSTRATOR etc, etc.

    Are there any updates on these :) looks like a promising tool though

    Here's a sample I've done in VS

  • Hi,
    This thread explains the problem with black lines around rectangles:
    random black outline

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Allan,

    Each one of those features has it's own thread and we'll keep them update with progress as it is made.

    With Undo/Redo these are restricted to certain actions, specifically rotate and resize. Bigger actions and changes need to be manually changed.

    We haven't released many updates recently as we are working on a major redesign of the UI but that is in the final stages of beta and should be available very soon

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