Arabic on your roadmap soon?

  • SVG importing unfortunately draws a caricatured picture of Arabic.   It does not write in the direction of text (right to left) --this is how Arabic scribes.  

    The brain is suddenly staring at an artistic object, forgetting the argument and logic.  So it defeats the whole intended purpose of this impressive product of yours.  The purpose being: clear and focused ideas delivered with cognitive ease.  

    Hope you consider this feature in future releases. 

    Thank you and keep up the amazing work! 


  • Hi Ahmed,

    We don't have any development work currently scheduled specifically for adding Arabic into VideoScribe but there is some work going on at the moment to improve the way fonts are imported with the intention of making it easier to add new character sets in the future.

    Have you seen this blog post?: Scribing Tip – How to get Arabic words to draw well (the same technique can be used for any language not currently supported in VideoScribe).

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