Multiple narratives for separate text.

  • Hi friends, I am new to Video Scribe and I am trying to put a short scribe together to convince my Manager that we need this tool in our arsenal of digital learning creation tools.

    I probably have two questions in one if thats ok.

    Ultimately my main use for Video Scribe is to relay passage of text to the learner in a creative and memorable way.

    I want to add multiple narrative audio file to separate passages of text and can't work out how to do it?

    Also I wonder haw you move to  a new area of the whiteboard for a new screen of events.

    I really look forward to your answers, I can see a really exciting potential with the software and just need a little extra guidance.

    Thanks in advance


  • hi,
    You make only one audio file, then you import that audio file into videoscribe, then you add the text and edit it to match the timing of the audio file. (You can import one voice file and one music file.)

    You move the canvas by clicking and dragging your cursor on the canvas, or by clicking the arrow icons in the lower left corner of the screen (if you are using version 2. If you are using version 3 the arrows might be in the lower right. I don't remember.)

    Good luck!
    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Fantastic thanks Mike, up and running with it now cheers Russell
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