Adding a clickable link within a video

  • Hi would it be possible for someone to run through how I would go about adding a clickable link in the video potentially through website coding.

    I would like to have this video uploaded on my companies website for colleagues to view and for them to clink on a link which is within the video

    Thank you

  • The easiest way to do this would be to upload your video to YouTube, embed the YouTube video on your website and follow the instructions for interactive video ads on the YouTube help site.

  • Hi Team,

    Is it possible to add clickable link to video now?

    Anigioro Oluwatobi.

  • No, and other programs that output video, like Premiere and after effects, similarly do not offer it because it cannot be programmed directly into the (avi, MOV, WMV or mp4) video file. That kind of functionality must be added outside of the video file.

    Interactive features must be applied externally on youtube, or in powerpoint, or in web page code, flash or html5, or using a specialty video player. You can use an internet search to find the various methods for implementing links in videos.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Mike,

    I am pleased to read from you on the subject I asked.

    Thank you for your response it's so helpful.

    Anigioro Oluwatobi.

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