Really, really disappointed

  • Your app is full of bugs and consumes a lot of resources, which is why it is very difficult to work with it. Yesterday I had to wait between 20 second to over a minute after making one click. Today, I cannot even login every time and when I do, the program is not working properly, meaning:
    - the elements of the scribe are not shown in the bottom bar

    - in order to make theam appear, I have to add a new element and than delete it
    - when I click on the elements in the bottom bar, it does not show me their actual position (camera position)

    - after I delete / edit something, the confirmation pop-up appears, I click okay and the pop-up is still there. I have to close it at X

    I simply cannot finish my work.

    My future request is to have an app that actually works...

  • The symptoms you described suggest a problem with your image file sizes, image formatting, or the settings in your project. You can save your project to the cloud folder and Raise a Ticket to have customer support help you, or you can export your project as a .scribe file and attach it here for help from videoscribe users.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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