My project dissapeared.

  • I have been working on my project for about the past six hours. I saved the project and exited videoscribe, and now i went back and its no longer there. I dont know what to do. HELP PLEASE

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    also you can raise a ticket to contact customer support.


  • Hi Tio

    I've converted this post into a support ticket and sent a reply. Please check your email for further information.

  • i have been working on a project for about a day and have saved it and now it disapeared and isnt showing up please help!!!

  • the same thing happened to me. please help

  • Hi,
    It is difficult to identify the specific problem without more information.

    related tips:
    1) The autosave feature does not save a file in your base directory or the cloud folder, so you have to be sure to save your work manually. Autosave is only a recovery feature in case of crashes.
    2) if you save a project locally, you will only be able to find it and open it on the same computer
    3) if you save a project to the cloud folder, you can access it from any computer with videoscribe and an internet connection but you must use the same login information to access your cloud folder
    4) by default, locally saved scribes are listed in order from newest to oldest, but if you have a lot of projects and you change the sorting method , then you may need to scroll through multiple pages to find your most recent project.
    5) i don't think there is a way to recover projects that you have deleted
    6) if you export a project as a .scribe file it will be in the directory where you chose to save it. You can only save as a .scribe file if you have saved locally first (I think)
    7) If you have only published your project to facebook, youtube, powerpoint or a video file, (and then closed it) but have not saved it locally, online or as a ,scribe file, then there is no project saved for you to open and edit.

    Save your work manually and often. If you think you might be make any kind of mistakes, then save a copy locally and another copy to the cloud folder as a precaution.

    you may want to watch the tutorials on the INSTANT ANSWERS page to familiarize yourself with the various save and publish options.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • also you can raise a ticket to contact customer support.


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