Using an svg file as backdrop without blur

  • When I try to use a self drawn cityscape svg and import it, all the lines are blurred when I size it to be the backdrop to the scribe.

    The lines are simple pen drawn  lines.

    At a smaller scale, the image is fine.

    The artboard I'm using is 400 x 400 and the application is illustrator.

    Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong?



  • If you import any image and then scale it larger than the visible canvas area, it is probably going to be blurry.

    You could instead make a group of buildings large enough to fill the visible canvas, then import about 4 or 8 copies and tile them or overlap them to make a larger city scene that is several screens wide and high.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • increasing the default quality setting also makes images sharper at larger sizes (but uses more memory too, and may result in crashing or freezing or other problems).


  • Thanks Mike, I'll give that a go. Appreciate y our quick response :)
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