problemas para ingresar

  • tengo versión paga de videoscribe. La instalé en mi nuevo notebook, y no puedo ingresar a la cuenta pues dice "esta información de inicio no funcionó..."

  • Can you include a screenshot of the error so we can provide you some specific advice as I don't recognise that precise error.

    It sounds quite close to the error you would get if your password was incorrect and it may just be Google translate not providing an exact translation for me. So may be worth resetting your password -



  • Please refer to our instant answer, Working Offline

  • Esa información de inicio de sesión no funcionó. Intenta nuevamente más tarde.

    me aparece ese mensaje y no me deja ingresar

  • Reset your password and try again 

  • Hola, ya pagué la mensualidad pero cuando intento ingresar con mis datos me dice que mi cuenta fue bloqueda termporalmente. ¿qué tengo que hacer? Me urge terminar mi trabajo. 

  • For security reasons, if there are 5 failed log-in attempts within any 30 minute period your account will be temporarily blocked for a short period. 

    This lock is temporary and will last for 5 minutes. Please wait a full 5 minutes and then try again. Please ensure you wait the full 5 minutes before trying your password again, any new attempt to access the account within that 5 minute lockout will reset the timer to a fresh 5 minutes.

    Please check the email address you have entered is correct and you do not have CAPS lock or NUM lock enabled on your keyboard when entering your password. 

    If the issue persists please reset your account password via

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