Voiceover problem : impossible to change

  • For some reason it does not let register a new voiceover and connect my microphone and when I select the button to record only a small blank page opens up, and at the bottom there is another page but at the top is my videoscribe.

    What can i do ? please

  • You need to make sure that your microphone is enabled on your computer and working. Currently, even if you are going to import a voiceover as an MP3 file, if there is no mic connected, the import option will not load. Please check that your mic is enabled and working by testing it in a different application.

    When you are sure it is working, try recording the voiceover again in VideoScribe. If it doesn't work this time, save your work and try again after restarting VideoScribe and if it still doesn't work, try again after rebooting your computer.

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