Multiple image select v. 3

  • How do I select multiple images in version 3?  I cannot select multiple images using ctrl or shift or alt or any combination of keys.

  • Does it work after restarting your computer? You should be able to select multiple elements on the canvas and timeline using Ctrl+click. You can also select a range of elements in the timeline using Shift+click.

  • Multiple select sometimes work and sometimes it does not. Sometimes it works to restart computer, other times just restarting Videoscribe...and sometimes nothing works. Apart from Ctrl.+click I also tried shift+click to no avail. Sometimes it goes off when I import an image (?) og sometimes when I change image quality, but that might be a coincidence..just leaving and returning to a scribe will turn it off. I have only experienced this glitch in v. 3. I have updated to the latest version and still the problem persists.

  • It seems that if I leave the scribe and go in and change the image quality to something else, that can bring multiple select back!? Hope that helps you locating the bug.

  • Hi Birgitte,

    Are you finding this happening only on a particular scribe you are working on, or does it happen even on a newly created scribe?

    If it's happening on a particular scribe, there may be something on it that is causing this. If it is happening on one in particular, please save a copy to your online directory, let me know the name and I can take a look. Save scribes on your computer and online.

  • So far it has happened in every scribe I have created since updating to the latest version. That is so far 5 scribes.

  • Birgitte, we have converted both your forum posts into a support ticket and we'll take a closer look there.

  • I have got the same problems with selecting multiple elements. You cannot say when it appears or when it works. But it disturbs the workflow quite often.
    I work with a Mac and have the latest VS-Version installed.


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