Moving the text moves the whole picture

  • I'm doing a scribe where there is a pic and text appears on top of it. As it is a long text, I need to reload the background image on top of the old frames every once in a while to create a new canvas. Cannot use scribble out as that leaves a blank white space in the middle of my photograph.

    So far so good.

    But when I write the text, it appears in the middle of the picture. I try to grab the text while its frame is active, but instead of moving only the text the scribe moves the whole picture. And somehow immedately memorizes this so that when I click "play" on the photograph frame that appears before the text frame, the pictures zooms in and out uncontrollably - probably as a result of the photo moving under the text while I try to move the text.

    This is very annoying. How can I move the text on its own? I have just deleted an hour's worth of work when the scribe just kept zooming even the previous pictures in and out and ruining the whole thing.


  • Once the text is selected you can move it using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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