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  •  Hello Team,

    Yesterday I installed VideoScribe on my Windows. To scrutinize it's capabilities, i went for a free trail. I stared going thought it and ended up being teed off. I needed to add a new image to the video. But when i Click the icon placed down of right side, it didn't open. I tried again but it did not happen.

    What could be the issue and how can I insert images now?

  • Hello,

    The window does not open or is it when you want to add the image? 

    sometimes I have to make a lot of clicks to make it work, (not brutally)

  • I am not able to add new image only. The window opens and all the other features like text and colour are working well. I would have clicked it more than 30 times and then I close and open it again to check if it is opening now but the same issue continues.
  • It's very weird, try to uninstall videoscribe and download it again. if the problem still, go ask to an assistant of this software. I hope your problem is going to be solved :)
  • Hello Mehak,

    Did a re-install solve the issue? It would certainly be my first suggestion.

    If you are still having issues log a support ticket via and we can restart your trial and work on the issue to get images working for you.



  • Hello Barry Sir,

    I did re-install Videosrcibe but the problem continued. I am still not able to insert a new image. 

    It is good to see that this team is support and coordinating by giving an option for raising ticket. I am logging to it and hoping this issue not to reach me this time.

    Thank you

  • I am also having the same problem.


  • You should probably raise a support ticket by clicking the link in Barry's reply above.

    Also you could try uninstalling the current version of videoscribe and installing an older one.
    Older version 2.37 seems to still be available here: (Windows) (Mac)

    You will need to do a normal uninstall of version 3 before you install the older version. A normal uninstall process will not delete or change your saved projects, but it still might be a good idea to copy your projects to the cloud folder as a backup.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thank you Mike! Version 2.3.7 is working fine. But Videoscribe must fix this big soon because there are a lot new features in the clatest version. I have already raised a ticket.
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