How to upload the scribe to youtube and SCHEDULE it to publish later?

  • When I upload my scribes on youtube, it automatically gets published. I need to manually, after it is published, put the video as 'unlisted' or 'private' if I don't want my subscribers to see it immediately. 

    I know I could download it on my pc first, then upload it through the youtube platform directly and schedule it, but I was wondering if there was a way without this intermediate step? 


  • Hello, VideoScribe will always load the videos as public directly. I am not sure if the YouTube API we use allows that choice to be built in or if there is alternate API which does but either way at the moment that's not built into the VideoScribe publish options for YouTube. If it's something you would benefit from you can raise it as a feature request on the other forum and if it gets enough interest the team will investigate what the APIs allow and consider building it in.

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