Creating images that draw the colour in

  • Does anyone know how you can make an image draw the outline then colour in? I am using Illustrator. I can get the image to colour in creating a SVG file. But I want it to draw the outline then colour in! Please help

  • simplest example (requires basic understanding of illustrator or inkscape):

    1) use the pen or pencil tool to draw a basic stroked path with a black stroke and a color fill. (If you only do this step and then export this as an SVG, Videoscribe will draw the basic stroked path and the color fill will just appear..)
    2) To add a "reveal stroke" to make videoscribe draw your color: use the pen or pencil tool to scribble over the whole color filled area with a basic stroked path. Use a stroke large enough to cover the whole color fill with the scribble. Then change the opacity to of the reveal stroke to 0% (transparency 100%)
    3) Save your SVG with the recommended settings in the "Making SVG images draw well" link below. Now videoscribe will draw your stroked path (black) and then it will use the reveal stroke to scribble in your color fill.

    related article :fill-an-image-with-colour-using-the-hand

    The more complicated you make your SVG, the more careful you will have to be to do everything right. Layer order, brushes, styles, folders and groups all effect the way videoscribe draws images. More complex issues are described in the following thread: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update)

    If you can't figure out a specific SVG, upload it and maybe someone can help.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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