Request: Timers behind cameras & eyes in toolbar

  • Sound sync is a matter of seconds (if not half ones), and it's the difference between an amateur & pro animation.

    Please add a total time indicator and a pair of bookmarks' timers behind the cameras logos at the right of the storyboard, to facilitate images & sound synchronization

  • Are you able to give more detail about this one?

  • this is what I mean:


  • I used the slide's end time on all bookmarks to be congruent with total time, but maybe you will prefer initial time in the first two:


  • So you would have the option to play the scribe starting from the first tab and finishing at the second, is that how you would see it working?

  • Everything runs smoothly until you make a change or addition in the middle, maybe because you receive a feedback after showing a beta version... then everything became a mess.

    You've to start playing with tenths of seconds after inserting, deleting or changing an animation in the middle.

    That's why I thought bookmarks, to limit the change from one point to another (bookmarks), allowing me to do "local" changes without altering all other scenes... .

    Now, here comes the additional idea you gave me: AFTER implementing this two bookmarks, you can FORCE that any change in time to be PROPORTIONALLY distributed (I mean, based in the actual time length of every animation) JUST between the first and the second bookmarks...

    Maybe you can use an open/lock sign in the bookmarks' icons in the bottom-right, like in your car's key chain remote control.

    This way, the time lapses will became very easy to be maintained in sync...

    I really like the idea.

  • Thanks. I have sent this to our designers and developers for future consideration.

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