Downloading purchased images

  • I purchased an image from VideoScibe and now cannot find where it downloaded...or if it downloaded.  My account was charged for the purchase and the receipt is shown in my account.

  • I have the exact same question!  :)  I purchased an image and now when I click on it, it wants me to purchase it again.  I have a receipt for my purchase.  Thanks for your help.

  • I think when you purchase an image from the library it is imported in to your current open scribe project. It probably also appears in your recently used images screen for a while. After that, I think it is up to you to keep track of it. You can go back to the old scribe and select and copy the image and paste it into a new scribe.

    It would be great if videoscribe kept track of your purchased images and displayed them in a seperate folder, or at least flagged them as "purchased" so you could import them again without paying, but alas it does not. If you go back and buy it again,  you will be charged.

    I'd recommend copy/pasting each of your purchased images into one scribe and titling it "purchased images", so they will all be in one place.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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