Animated gif that is opaque

  • I would like to bring in an animated gif done in Animate CC in to videoscribe.

    It is a bomb exploding and clouds emanating from it.

    it flies in over some lettering which i have handrawn in videoscribe.hand drawn.

    This then disappears in a cloud of smoke.

    I bring it in and it is transparent, so you see all the lettering behind as bomb flies over.

    Can this be rectified or are all animated gifts transparent whilst moving?

    (8.08 MB)
  • I think that in Videoscribe, you can open the properties menu for that image and change the gif options from "multiply" to "normal" or whatever the opaque option is called.  However, that may give every frame of the gif a white background

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Check out our Using animated GIFs help page. The section on blend effect towards the end of that page shows you the options.

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