Squashing Characters

  • Why are characters being squashed??? Something is wrong in the reading of a font's glyphs. The widths of thin characters (e.g. "i". "l", etc.) are being made even thinner. I know this probably has something to do with how you calculate the centerlines in order produce the stroke path. But this makes even standard fonts like Arial UNUSEABLE!!!


  • Be sure to look for font related threads in the Suggestions and Feature Requests forum, and "LIKE" the ones that you think are most important. That is one of the ways Sparkol evaluates the popularity of feature requests, and decides what to work on next.

    -Mike (another person who uses videoscribe)


  • Thanks - I know you've been working hard on some of these issues as well. I've even tried making my own version of Arial to see how that characters are "adjusted".

  • I don't work for Sparkol . I just repost information that I've read or figured out myself.

    -Mike ---> (another person who uses videoscribe)


  • "Working hard" didn't imply Sparkle employment. I just appreciate your "hard work". 

  • hahaha whoops Now I understand. Thanks


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