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  • I have a stick figure drawing purchased from shutter . This is an eps file. I 

    I saved it as a svg from Illustrator. When I go to apply sketch drawing with hand, it won't sketch it and if it does, it does the outline. 

    I read some threads and tried that one guys tutorial about applying pencil overlay - than make it transparent. That didn't work either. 

    Please advise as to how I can make this effect work on the stick figures. This will determine if we purchase the whole program in full amount. If there is not a way to get this to work, we won't purchase. Please advise ASAP!

  • Hi,
    You have attached two files that do not appear to have been edited in any way to work better in videoscribe. They contain no basic stroked paths.

    if you have tried to follow any of the tutorials please provide a link to the tutorial and attach the resulting SVG

    if you you are struggling with illustrator, some better options for you may be:
    1) use images included with videoscribe
    2) buy red tagged library images provided by other videoscribe users in the videoscribe library
    3) buy images from svg-studios that were made to work in videoscribe
    4) buy svg images from any other source that are made of basic stroked paths instead of filled paths or brushstrokes or any other extra styles
    5) pay someone to make your images

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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