Fonts that work well in VideoScribe

  • Hi Matthew - my problem is you mentioned back in January this year about the lack of kerning and other problems (and users have been complaining about this for at least 3 years) yet no timeline has been put forward to address these known issues. Don't get my wrong I like what Videoscribe can do but I really wish it had stronger text tools. I generally do each line of text as a separate element because VS accelerates as it writes on text and the 2nd line looks unnatural. It also allows me to adjust spacing between lines but it takes hours and hours longer.

    Things that would make life a thousand times easier- kerning, inter-line spacing, bold for individual words and key frames as opposed to the current slapdash timing system.

  • and the competition (namely Doodly) is making a big push (again) and they do text correctly. 

  • Yes, I understand your frustrations. We are aware of a need to make improvements to the way fonts are handled in VideoScribe. We will be making improvements but I cannot say at this time when that will be.

  • hi, there

    thanks your efforts, but i have a problem as attached file.

    plealse give me advise, thanks~


  • Here is the link  that was provided earlier in this thread explaining how you can use languages that are not supported by videoscribe: write-with-non-western-text-characters

    Hope that helps,

    -Mike (Videoscribe user)

  • Trajan Pro is a decent font to use in VideoScribe.

  • Which of the default imported fonts support the following character: capital - "Ə", small - "ə"? Unicode fonts support only capital letter for some reason.

    Can I import a font externally (i.e. import a font file to the software)?

    Unicode:U+018F, U+0259

    Letter: schwa

    More info:

    Thank you!

  • I think that you can import most western fonts on a desktop computer into videoscribe. I do not think you can import fonts on ipad or iphone apps. When you import a font, there are usually options for how many sets of characters to import.  I don't know if videoscribe accepts the character you mentioned, but you could try a common font like arial.  If you already have it installed, remove it from videoscribe and then import it again with the appropriate character sets selected.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • hey i need ethiopian geez alphabet but not supported here

    what should i do to use this

  • Check out our Write with non-Western Text Characters support article if it's not supported.