How to make things disappear into other things?

  • Hey there! Hope some of you have the answer for me. 

    You might have seen videoscirbes own introduction movie? Otherwise it can be found here:


    I want to make one with similar features, however there is specifically a feature in one scene that I cannot seem to figure out how it is done (see attach pictures).

    There are four photographs, which are minimized and then erased from the screen by being caught inside the lens of the projecter. See 0:22.0:26 in the movie.The one million dollar question is, how do they I do it?

  • Hi,

    For each photograph SVG, add two copies of the image.
    1) Position the first copy somewhere on the canvas near the projector. The animation type can be "draw" for this copy and videoscribe will draw it.
    2) Position the second copy on the lens of the projector. Scale this copy smaller than the first copy, because it will need to fit inside the lens. View the properties menu for the second copy, change the opacity to 0% and change the animation type to "morph" After you choose the morph option you will be prompted to select a "morph from" or "source" image. Choose the first copy of the photograph as your "morph from" image.

    That should be all you need to do. The process works best with SVG images that contain only black stroked paths and no color fills.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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