My country is not on the list

  • Hi, i want to buy your software but my country "Kosovo" is not on your list. How can i buy this software or what should i do ? 

  • Hi Florian,

    Our systems are not yet set up to sell subscriptions to customers in Kosovo. I have send a request to our finance team and web team enquiring when we will be set up to sell in Kosovo. I will let you know when I have heard back.

  • Hello! I am from nepal and im interested to buy your software.. can i buy in nepal?
  • Yes- Nepal is in the dropdown list of countries when you purchase on the website:

  • Hello, I have the same problem as the guy from Kosovo. My country, ALBANIA, isn't on the list. Can the VideoScribe staff add Albania to the list as well? Thank you. 

  • Hey, we're not registered for Tax in Albania so cannot sell online to your country. If you are buying for a business that is tax excempt you can purchase via our sales team (

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