totally frustrated... i think im done

  • "VideoScribe is now installed

    Just one more step to get you started:

    When you run VideoScribe, you need to enter the email address and password for your Sparkol account."

    ... OK, got it, HOW DO I "RUN" Video Scribe? Ther is NO WHERE to click to begin or RUN... (sorry, I know I'm shouting - this looks to be a very cool set up with Impactful video creation(s)... I just cant access the Project page like all od the instruction videos speak of. 

  • Hi,
    You can run it the same way you run any other program that you have installed on your computer.
    If you installed it on a PC, there is probably a new icon on the desktop for you to double-click.
    If you installed it on a mac: How to run a program installed on a mac.


    If you are unfamiliar with how to run a program on your computer, is there someone in your home or office that can show you?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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