How to upload the SVG files to for rendering?

  • Hi,

    I want to save my time and resources by rendering via as I am a paid member. When I visited the site I see no links to upload my files. 

    And if I want to use their resources what are the limitations? How many videos can they render for me in a day or month? What are the files I have to upload?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • You send your scribes for rendering on from within VideoScribe. See Render and share scribes for instructions. You will get an email when the render has completed and you can then log into the website to view and download your video. There are no limits to the number of videos you can send to for rendering.

  • Ohhhhh..I was silly. Thanks Matthew. And please tell me how long it will take for the server to render as I am waiting now for hours after uploading 3 videos (each of around 5 min). Thanks again.

  • The time it takes to render will vary depending on the length of the scribe and the number of render requests in the render queue. If they haven't rendered after a few hours, there may be an issue with the render. If this is the case, please save copies of the scribes to your online directoryopen a support ticket, let us know the names of the scribes in the ticket and we can take a look.

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