Can I get rid of the slow Interface?

  • When I open dialog windows in VideoScribe the "fade" in. This really seems to slow down the interface. Is there a way to get rid of the transitions in the interface?

  • Hello Ray, I'm not sure I really understand what you mean. Are you able to take a screen capture or provide more detail?

  • Barry, here is a video showing what I am referring to.

  • There is no way to change how the dialog boxes/windows in VideoScribe appear or disappear. The fade happens while anything that needs to load is being loaded and I think there would just be a delay, if everything had to load before the window/dialog box appeared, before anything happened. This would probably lead to people clicking the button again thinking that nothing is happening. I do not think that the transitions themselves have any effect on the loading time/smoothness of the dialog/windows loading.

  • The fading is annoying and slow on my PC workstation as well. It's the software not processor or graphics card. I guess we are used to fast a slick animations on mobile devices. I would LOVE to be able to TURN OFF the fading animations in the interface.An INSTANT removal of an interface would be nice and modern.

  • Yep. It serves no purpose but to slow down the workflow.

  • Off topic: not sure why I constantly get this message when posting to this forum. When I return to the post it appears to be successful. Attempting to delete the double-entry produces the same message.image

  • The fading out of the dialog boxes does not slow down the software; if the dialog boxes are fading out slowly, it may indicate that the scribe you are working on is using a lot of memory and needs optimising. Please review the articles Crashing and freezing – VideoScribe desktop and Optimise your images for some hints and tips.

    If that doesn't resolve the issue, please save a copy of the affected scribe to your online directory, open a support ticket and let us know the name of the scribe in the ticket so we can take a look.

  • Regarding the message when trying to post, this may have been a temporary issue with the helpdesk service we use. I will raise a support ticket with them.

  • Sorry Matt, but it's just not good enough really. If it's a big scribe then the software really should be able to handle it. Especially in these days of 12Gb super fast GPUs. Overall the rendering and performance of videoscribe is like something from 15 years ago. I do a lot of 3D work as well, and there GPU is the way forward, same as in Adobe software, same as games. Is this something your team are looking at? 

  • Yes, our development team are looking into how to implement a way to utilise the processing capabilities of GPUs to speed things up. We are also working on a 64-bit version of VideoScribe which will increase the amount of RAM available to the application.

    I cannot say at this time when these will be available but they are thing we are currently working on and investigating.

  • I get that  "we're sorry but something went wrong" error message  LOT, since about 2015.

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