VideoScribe v3.0.7 is now available

  • VideoScribe 3.0.7 is now available to download.

    Log in to your Sparkol account to download the new version and upgrade.

    What’s new in VideoScribe 3.0.7?

    - New “Fade In” Animate Method

    - Updated options for the “Move In” Animate Method

    - Minor bug fixes

    Read the v3.0.7 release notes to find out more.

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  • I have a question about v3.0.7. When I set my presets in VS ( like how big image should be imported, drawing time, pause,...) I have to set them every time I launch  VS all over again. Can you help?

  • Hekki Mitja, I have just changed some settings a few times in various versions of VideoScribe (v2.3.7 / v3.0.7 / v3.0.8-5) and opened them in the same version and other versions and each time my settings are saved and available the next time I log-in. Just wanted to check we are talking about the same thing so have taken a screenshot of the area you should be doing this. If you are still getting this issue then please log a support ticket and we can investigate in more detail -

  • Hi

    Please check my screenshot of the problem Let me know what this problem could be? I have already downloaded the 3.0.8-5 version and its the same problem (  video was filmed in the latest version )


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