Link Objects

  • Is it possible to link one or more objects together to make moving them easier?

  • You can't link them but you can select multiple objects and then move them all at once:
    "You should be able to select multiple elements on the canvas and timeline using Ctrl+click. You can also select a range of elements in the timeline using Shift+click."

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike. I do use that option. I am just thinking for ease of use to be able to actually "link" objects together. When you grab one item - the rest just automatically follow along. I think that would be useful as well when scaling linked objects. Currently Videoscribe incorporates scaling from the center and even though 2 or more items are selected - each item scales from it's own center thus eliminating any alignment there was between the objects.

  • I've passed this request onto our development team for consideration. We are looking at implementing scaling from the corner of elements rather than from the centre in VideoScribe 3.1.

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