only needed Videoscribe for creating a single 10 sec whiteboard animation

  • I only needed Videoscribe for creating a single 10 sec whiteboard animation video to add to a photo album, just to share with some of my friends, not for youtube or other stuff. So I downloaded the trial version. But the watermark was big and spoiled the video. So I used crack to remove the watermark. Buying software was not practical for me because I didn't need it after creating one video, and buying it would be wasting too much money. I edited the video and rendered the video and saved it on my pc. As soon as I finished editing the album I uninstalled Videoscribe.I shared the video with some of my friends. But after that, It didn't feel good to me sharing the video with my friends without the permission of the owner of this software. I am being honest here. I apologize for creating the video using your software. I am a religious person, so to me, its cheating and cheating is a sin. This disturbs me a lot so I ask you to forgive me. I will buy Videoscribe if needed it in future. Also please remove the watermark from the trial version. With a huge watermark in the video, it will be useless. You can add other restrictions instead of that in the trial version. If you remove it people will be more interested in trying and buying your software. Please reply soon

    Hoping your reply soon.

  • Hello, well you can either use the free trial for that or the shortest subscription is on a monthly plan and if you cancel once you have finished your project you would only be charged for one month.

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