How does an SVG file recognize and display the color of the swatch in AI?

  • I have some pretty swatch color used in AI but when exporting to SVG file and then entering into videoscribe it only shows white color. So how can I show the color of the swatch I selected in SVG format? Need some help on this issue

    (152 KB)
    (345 KB)
  • Please attach the image here and I can take a look for you. It's possible the colour effect is not supported in VideoScribe though.

  • image


  • Do you have an SVG I can have a look at? The image you have provided is a JPEG.

  • Hi,
    Don't use "save for web" or "save optimized for web".
    Use "save as>SVG"

    Set CSS propperties to "Presentation attributes" or "style  attributes"

    related link:

    and be sure to attach your SVG if you need more help.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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