Voice recording

  • I want to tecord the voice in pieces and not at one go.kindly help Also I want to prepare lectures in maths physics and chemistry with animation.But + - and other mathmatical symbols coming of very small fonts almost invisible. Pls support in above 2 query
  • It's not possible to record a voiceover in parts if you are recording it in VideoScribe. To record in parts you would need to use an external audio recording application such as Audacity (free), export as an MP3 and import into VideoScribe. See Record a voiceover for more information.

    The plus and minus characters may appear small on the canvas when you add them, especially when using the 'Basic' font, so you need to make them larger so they are visible. Try to keep the zoom level close to 100% when adding and resizing the text. You can also use different fonts (such as Arial) by importing a font into VideoScribe. See also Add mathematical formulae.


  • I am using the free version of videoscribe but I am having a problem in it when I go to insert a voice in videoscribe, it does not show on my computer even though it is in my computer but when trying to import it from videoscribe When I do, he shows that there is no audio in the computer, please tell me the solution

  •  if you are importing an audio file. you must yous MP3 format for the file.

    (If you are recording your audio in videoscribe, you must have a working microphone and your computers audio settings and volumes must  allow audio recording.)

    -MIke (videoscribe user)

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