Changing font color

  • Sometimes I need to draw attention to a word or words in a line of text. It would be nice to be able to change the color of selected words within the text property window - and not the whole line of text.


    Does anyone else see a benefit in this?

    For example: in the text line "It all Depends on YOU!" I want all the text black except for the word YOU!, which I want in red. As it stands now I have to create the first line of text in black; "It all Depends on" Then create another line of text with YOU!". Then line everything up so it flows nicely. That's not too bad if the word is at the beginning or the end of a line of text. If the word falls somewhere in the middle - it's a little time consuming.

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  • Great proposal Gary!
    For me is a must. I'm getting mad putting together text in different colors



  • Has anything changed regarding this? I would really love that feature too


  • Hi all,

    Changing colour in the text editor was implemented in version 3.6, the latest version which is available to download here.

    You can find out more about the adding and formatting text in the latest version here.

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