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  • hello ibought a month long plan and still get background advertising

    best regard


  • 1) if you logged in when it was still a free trial, and then you upgraded to pro, you have to log out and log back in to access the pro features and remove the logos

    2) if you paid for an educational subscription instead of professional, your videos will still have videoscribe logos

    3) videos that you rendered during the free trial will have videoscribe logos, you will have to re-render them as a pro user to make a new video without logos.

    4) if you created a new pro account instead of upgrading an existing trial account, or if you made multiple accounts for any other reason, you will have to login using the correct account in order to access pro features. Check which email address received a payment notifcation email, and use that email address to login to videoscribe.

    if your situation is not described above, then provide more information or raise a support ticket..

  • Hi David and Mike,

    All good advice Mike, but point 4) - the email address you enter for your billing notifications to be sent to can be different from your Sparkol account email address. Your Sparkol account email address is the one you need to log into VideoScribe with. We would send a 'Welcome to VideoScribe Pro' email to your Sparkol account email address. 

  • oOOOOooohh!  Thanks for the clarification!


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