Font In SVG Misplaced In Video Scribe

  • Hello. I created an SVG file of a few graphics (via Illustrator), and I put in a word of text on top because I wanted this revealed all at once rather than the graphics than the text.

    However, when I import the SVG into VideoScribe, the location of the text is in the wrong place. Has anybody had similar issues? 

    I can't seem to find the cause I created the SVG file by using the "Save As...". I attached a screenshot of my SVG file in Illustrator as well as the resulting file in VideoScribe. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Can you try "type>create outlines" or "convert text to strokes" or whatever you need to do to change your fonts to paths before saving your SVG?

    its might be an alignment issue with the font.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi, Mike. Yep, having the type turned into outlines seemed to fix the problem. Not sure the reasoning for this since my project has other SVG's with text (same font) embedded in them. Either way, thanks for the help.

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