Controlling the size of your animation file

  • Good morning Videoscribe colleagues.   I wonder if anyone has got any advice to share on reducing the size of your animation.  

    I'm making a series of animations which are looking pretty big.  I had started off with converting photoshop images into svg files which were quite large and have now changed all of these to png images instead - all mainly under 100kb now.  But my 3 minute animation, saved on smallest size (for iPhone) is still 40 MB.  Is this an acceptable size or should I keep trying to make it smaller. And if so how?  

    My voiceover files are also coming out quite large.  i have a 15 minute voice over which is 36MB.  Again, i'm not sure if this is acceptable or if theres a way of reducing the size.

    thanks so much for your help, and I hope your advice will be useful to many other users.

  • Optimizing your images and audio are good ideas to make videoscribe run smoothly, but those efforts may not significantly affect the size of your video file.

    You could try publishing your video to youtube or, and then downloading it as an mp4 file. Or try using a video converter to convert your MOV to an mp4 or some other video type with a small file size. Or just leave it on youtube and watch it using the youtube app on you iphone.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike.  I had forgotten that I could download as an MP4 from youtube.  I've done that now and the file size is manageable.

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