Can VideoScribe help me?

  • Hi.

    First off, I appologize for my mediocre English (not my native language).

    I want to briefely describe my case:

    I'm looking for an animation software that can explain my customers how they can assemble stuff (my products). The best example I have in mind (just to give you a picture about what I'm after) is if you imagine an IKEA assembly guide but "animated" instead of printed.

    I also have tons of dxf drawings of my products. Is it any help if I convert them to SVGs?

    I would also prefer not a cartoonish style but a kind of more "strict" or "formal" style.

    How can VideoScribe help me?

    I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks in advance

  • Videoscribe features include:

    "draw" to draw images,

    "move-in" to make images move onto the screen, 

    "morph" to make images move from one location to another or to make images change size or rotate,

    "fade-in" to make them fade in.

    and various other features and options

    The "morph" feature of videoscribe works best with very simple black line art.

    If you want the image style to look formal then create SVG image that look formal.

    To make your own images you will need to have an understanding of vector software, and you will need to learn some additional information about making SVG images for videoscribe

    You can find many videoscribe videos on youtube, and you can try videoscribe for 1 week for free.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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