Yet another "Image off center" topic

  • Hi.

    My vector appears off center in VideoScribe.



    I used Inkspace to create it. I went through every single entity in the Objects menu just to make sure there is nothing hidden in the right area.

    I also installed an older Inkscape version an saved (read somewhere it works).but no joy.

    If someone can help me,  I'd much appreciate

    Files attached are last version and 091 version.

    Thanks in advance guys

  • *Inkscape

  • 1) Your svgs say they were made in version 0.91 and 0.92.3 

    The "older version" that you would want to use is 0.48.5.

    If you use newer versions, they may work with the settings recommended in tip 7 in the link below. ( My recommendation is 0.48.5 because I have confirmed that it does what I expect it to do.)

    2) You will still need to follow the other tips in this thread, such as no styles or effects, and which tools to use: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update.

    3) (delete that hidden embedded image file before saving to reduce file size)

    4) Specifically, it looks like you have a clipping path which is making your image off center. and some layer effects which cause other problems.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • If you experiment with a few simpler doodles, you can confirm that you are getting the correct results before tackling a more complicated image.

    If you use any a pre-made images, they may come with built in problems that you will need to solve.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike

    I create all my svgs from scratch. In fact I traced a whole family image in 0.92.3 without any problems in VideoScribe. I also go through every entity in "Objects" menu before I save, to make sure there is nothing useless.

    I would like to give 0.48.5 a try though, but Inskcape suggests I should remove any other version before I install a new one. I would like to know if Inkscape is backwards compatible. I have quite a few 0.92.3 drawings in my library now and I don't want to draw them all over again.

  • Hi,

    It's good that another image worked successfully. I'll assume that is unrelated to the current problem.

    In addition to the raster image of the bottle which is hidden and should be removed, there are a number of nodes or paths clustered to the left of the drawing that are not visible unless you select them. They could be removed too.

    A quick google search may help you understand about adding and removing clip paths. It might have been something you did accidentally with a couple of keypresses.

    I'm not sure if you can open newer inkscape images in older versions. It wouldn't cost you anything to try i suppose.

    You can try tip 7 options in the link I provided if you want to see if they eliminate any of the problems in newer versions of inkscape.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I am new here :( I come from Cad modeling where the philosophy is completely different. Anyway I drew the bottle from scratch and everything is fine now. It took me 2 weeks to finish my first story... I appreciate your support...
  • It gets easier. Keep up the good work!

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

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