Element will not drop into place on timeline

  • I started to drag an element in the timeline. Now it is "stuck" to the cursor and will not drop. I can save, edit element properties, etc., but it stays linked to the cursor. I suppose it is due to memory. I'd call it a bug.

  • I finally had to exit the file by clicking the top, left arrow. Buubbbyyy.

  • I've not seen that one before. Does that issue happen regularly or was this a one off? If you are able to replicate the problem are you able to let me know how?

  • I think that I have read about ctrl+click sometimes causing a sticky click on macs.

    crtl+clicking again might "unclick" and release the element.

    Setting up "right-click" capability on the mac, may be useful.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hlmm… I always use "Right-Click" to access context menu. If/when it happens again I'll try to document it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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