How to make transparent thumbnail.

  • Hii ..i want to know how can i make transparent thumbnail using videoscribe plz explain in easy steps.
  • Hi Aditya,

    VideoScribe is software for making whiteboard animations. You may be able to produce a transparent thumbnail but it may depend on what you would be using the thumbnail for as to the suitability of the software for that kind of a job.

    Could you give more detailed explanation of what you are trying to achieve and what you would like to use it for?

  • Hello sir thank you so much for reply. I have attached an image with this message. I want to make transparent thumbnail for youtube videos by videoscribe. You can see the attached file it is transparent see the background of the thumbnail..plz help and reply quick
  • That is not something you can do in videoscribe. Search the internet for a tutorial that explains how to do it in your preferred program.

    For example: adding text and shapes using photoshop cc

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I had searched it every where but there is no tuitorial for this on youtube and google plz sir help me how can i make these type of thumbnail.
  • Could you not create the file as a transparent .png file and place in videoscribe?

  • No i dont know how plz help mr.metthew
  • I think you would need to upload your scribe video onto YouTube and then make the video 'interactive' by adding an overlay. See About interactive video ads on the YouTube support site for more info.

  • Mr. Matthew Sir i am talking about these type of thumbnail.i have attached an image with this can see the background of this image(thumbnail).plz tell me to create this type of thumbnail.
  • Hi

    It sounds like you do not have a drawing program and you have never used any drawing program, so there is probably not enough space in the forum to write out all of the thing you need to learn to accomplish what you are asking. Your best bet is to ask someone else to make your thumbnail image for you.

    If you want to make the image yourself:

    1) pick a drawing program such as GIMP (free at and  install it on your computer

    2) learn how to use the simplest features of the program (using tutorials online)

    3) take a screenshot of your videoscribe project and open it in your drawing program

    4) follow any tutorial that explains how to add text over your screenshot, then save it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thank you so much mr.mike
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