Animation out of Sync with Audio After Rendering

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  •  I would suggest that you first make certain that your audio file is 44100Hz as mentioned in the previous replies.

    If correcting the audio does not resolve the problem, and you think the fade-ins are causing the problem, you could try the following steps: temporarily change the "fade-ins" to "draw" while you preview and adjust the timings, and then change them back to "fade-in" before rendering the video. (This step is suggested because presumably the fade-ins are causing the preview timing to become inaccurate, although it is possible that something else is the cause.)

    If neither of those suggestions resolve the issue, be sure to look for other threads that deal with sync problems. There may be other suggestions to investigate.

    Hope that helps,

    Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thankx Mike. I removed all the fade-ins and changed to just draw with the same duration and it was okay in the preview. But after rendering it is still not syncing.... I have not checked my audio hertz yet but I will do that next and let you guys know. Also I am thinking that my zoom size is causing the problem as well. What is the best zoom percentage for the video to be in bedore rendering ?
  •  I usually try to keep the zoom somewhere between 15% and 300%

    You could save you r project online and raise a ticket if you want customer support to look at it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hello Mike, 

    How do I check my audio file?

    All I have found inside properties -> details --> audio--> bitrate--> 244kps ... 

    I cannot see hertz anywhere..

    Please help. 

  • You can probably open the file in whatever program you used to record it, and then re save it with the preferred sample rate. or you could try quicktime player or windows audio player, or most other common audio players to check the sample rate.

    You should probably also raise a ticket to ask customer support for help with your problem.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I have the same problem too. It's been a year since the problem was first raised and it's still not fixed. I don't think we should adjust anything to the video just to suit the rendering thing, it's just stupid!!! I have used other animation maker before, it should BE EXACT as how it's in preview!!!! IT'S OBVIOUSLY SOMETHING YOU GUYS HAVE TO FIX!!!!

  • Hello Jo W Sorry for the late reply to all guys who participated in this query and thankx for your support. Actually my problem was fixed after three trials but I would strongly suggest you to try the third step first as this is when it improved almost 100 percent (I say almost because I did realise some delays but only I can notice it as the video is perfect for viewers). 1) Firstly, I removed all the fade ins and out which did improve but very little so little that you wont realise it improved at all. 2) Secondly, I kept the right zoom level where it does not show that red exclamation sign for being too small or big. But it did not work completely again. 3) THIRD AND FINALLY THE MAIN IMPORTANT which I actually tries it last one is that I updated it to the latest version. For some reason the update for latest version was not suggested by the software so I had ro update it manually from the website and it WORKED. After the update I wished I knew this before as having an update is like a completely new software. So do this first. Kind Regards
  • @Jo This has been fixed in version 3.4

  • The Problem is Still Facing me, And It's annoying 
    I use video scribe 3.5.2 

  • Raise a ticket and attach your scribe to the ticket with the times that the audio and animation go out of sync, the exact version you're working on and if it's happening in preview or after rendering. Provide as much detail as possible

  • I'm having a similar problem: in the preview the timing seems to be right, but after rendering the animation is way faster than the voiceover. I raised a ticket but support has not been able to find an answer after a week now. 
    I updated and reinstalled the software, removed all the fade ins etc., I'm basically using zoom at all. Nothing works. That's very annoying. 

  • Yes.. the problem is still there. I could see the sync between audio and video. However, the same went off after rendering the animation and audio/voiceover is slower than the animation. I could see that this thread  had been going since an year and half but still no concrete solution. Let me tell you that i am using the latest one as i did subscribe this last month. Unfortunately, my subscription is going to end tomorrow and i would not be able to follow this. But its frustrating to see that issue still exist and solutions are lame kind of update/fade-in and what not.   

  • Anyone still finding sync problems, would probably be wise to save the project online and raise a ticket so customer support can help them identify issues in the project that can be addressed in future program updates, or issues can be easily corrected by the user.

    (You can still visit this thread after your subscription ends)

    Ideally, it would be great if all programs could handle anything you throw at them, but be open to the possibility that may be better ways to prepare a project that will allow you to render without problems.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • Satyendra, as Mike said raise a suport ticket and save a copy of your project to the online folder (if your agreement ends we can always give you access to save the file online). We can then download the file, take a look and do what we can to fix it. We can then render it in your chosen format for you and send you the video. If you get an issue while subscribed we will always try to make sure you get the video you wanted even if that expires.

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