Moving Item from center screen to off screen

  • I made this great effect where I wrote text at the top of the page, Placed a clown car off screen, then used move in to have the car "drive" across the frame and out of sight.

    OK... that is great... but to make it better, I want to draw the clown car on the page, THEN have it drive off screen from a middle point.

    I could do this with morph, except that my car is full color.

    I cannot do this with a new scene and camera angle... because the text would move too.

    What I really need is either a full-color morph option (not available) or a move in/move out function were you can set the starting location.

    Again... using move in works great with the item off the page... if you want it moving across the whole screen. But making a draw then drive off (fly off, run off) effect has got me stumped.

  • We do intend to include the ability to move an element off the screen in a future release of VideoScribe but this has not yet been selected for development.

  • Any idea as to when this feature will be added? 

    I would consider this a bit of a priority as it's a fundamental function that is missing.

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