It's not opening in my mobile

  • It's showing Download Content , only from whole day y please reply me

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  • I believe that:

    1) Sparkol does not currently offer any apps for Android

    2) The old android apps are no longer supported by Sparkol

    3) You cannot use videoscribe on Android because the app cannot connect to Sparkol's servers

    4) There has been no announcement of new android apps in the future.

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    Videoscribe is available for Mac, PC, and apple devices

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Yes, we do not currently have a VideoScribe app available for Android devices so the app you have installed may be an unofficial version. If it is, we recommend removing it from your device. We do not have a timescale at this time as to when there will be a VideoScribe app available for Android.

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