Creating a Cinematic Feel Whiteboard Animation


    Anyone could share how does the above person create this black and white video animation? Is it on Videoscribe or another software? 

  • It was probably done with videoscribe .  Make a custom hand for videoscribe. Make it grayscale and dark to make the white background seem brighter.  I think you can still add a vignette on the paper color and texture menu. That's what makes the screen darker around the edges. Use animate gifs for the animated sparkle effects at the end.

    Hope that helps

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike very helpful indeed  ! By the way, are functions for changing the paper color and texture only available to paid customers? 

  • I think those options are available to anyone using videoscribe on a mac or pc. I don't know about the iphone or ipad apps.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Do you happen to know how to create the marker scribbling on whiteboard sound effect? Are we able to add music and sound effects concurrently? 

  • Also, how does one make every picture black and white? 

  • Any sound effects should be added directly into your audio file(s) before importing them into videoscribe. Otherwise you will have to use video editing software to combine them later. You can use two audio tracks (usually 1 voiceover and one music) to your videoscribe project.

    (without checking...) I think there is a grayscale option in the properties menu for SVG images in videoscribe.  Most good image editing programs have a "convert to grayscale" option. You can google your specific image editing program or read the help files for your program for more specific instructions. Not everything in that video was black and white though.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Regarding greyscale; we are scheduled to release version 3.2 of VideoScribe next week which includes a new contrast option for images set to greyscale.

  • Do we have to download again for the latest version? 

  • How to make the pictures grayscale btw? 

  • Matthew wrote that the new version has not been released yet.

    Yes, if you want to use the new version, you will have to download and install it.

    As I mentioned before, SVG images can be changed to grayscale in the  image properties menu. You can see a screenshot of that menu in Matthews post above. For other types of images, you will have to convert them to grayscale using image editing programs, such as gimp (free at You can search google or youtube for tutorials to convert images to grayscale using gimp or whatever program you use.

    hope that helps,

    Mike (videoscribe user)

  • You can make images greyscale in the current version of VideoScribe, there is just no option to change the contrast - that will be included in the next update which should be out next week.

    This is a screenshot from the current version of VideoScribe. You can change to greyscale using the plus and minus icons (circled).

  • We have now release VideoScribe version 3.2.0 which allows the contrast to be changed for images set to greyscale.

    Download version 3.2.0 from your account page. |  View Release Notes for v3.2.

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