An "instant answer" to "how long to hear back about ticket"

  • So except for Mike Metcalf, the next most recent reply was Tue, 7 Nov, 2017 at 12:41 PM. Unless this is an error, it makes responses to tickets that much more important. My idea: if you have "regular business hours" please state them in the Instant Answer. Till I figured out via my timestamp that you guys are physically in England, so my ticket was (also) submitted on Friday at 7:00PM.  And since I'm a newbie I have no idea if I'm going to hear from you till Monday or not. 

  • Good idea!

    My suggestion is that THIS PAGE:

    should display:

    " The current time at our office is <exact time in their time zone>

    Our office hours are Monday through Friday <office hours and time zone> except for holidays

    We aim to reply to all tickets within 1 business day"

  • Morning All, 

    We have an 'All Contact methods' link on every bottom of every help and our opening times are shown there.

    Link goes to

    We also have an auto-reply when a new ticket is logged which gives our opening hours and the expected response time to a ticket. 

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