VideoScribe Feature Requests

  • 1. Give a movable option for the logo to place anywhere, also in setting option to fixed logo once not necessary to add in every video.

    2. In setting set background music for all video till music change.

    I mean if I want to set background music 'ghhhhhhh' for all my future video then in setting default option should there, same in case logo adding. In other words, the same type of work should not be repeated if in setting default option there.

    3. India is a big country, so please provide the option to write in Hindi Indian language. 

    It's too painful to write in Hindi using Videoscribe. Or option to copy paste Hindi word from Google translation

    4.  Option to add small size 4-5 min video file to scribe

  • Hello Sanskriti,

    Thanks for the suggestions. We recommend limiting your requests to one per topic so if people vote for it (by liking the post) it's clear which option they are asking for. 

    I suggest that we keep this one for Suggestion 1 for being able to move the watermark logo around tha canvas, rather than being fixed in the bottom left. 

    You can then start a new topic for suggestion 2 which would be expland the preferences menu to include more options and you can make a list of all the things you would find useful there. In the meantime though I would suggest creating a template scribe if this is frustrating you with the Logo added, music imported, etc. You can save this as 'Template' and then click on this each time instead of 'Start a new Scribe'. If you rename the file when you save it the 'Template' will still be there in it's original form and your newly named project will 

    Suggestion 3 already has an active topic so you can comment and like that one to share your support for it -

    Suggestion 4 also has an active topic so you can comment and like that one to share your support for it -

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