There was an error rendering video

  • Hi videoscribe team,

    I have a problem rendering a specific video, and I get this message:


    The problem happens when I export to WMV.

    I was able to export to MOV, but for some reason it's exported with Videoscribe's logo, which I don't want in this video.

    The rendering process starts, and then seems to go too fast. Everything is *running*, and then I get the error above.

    I read this article and tried saving the scribe in a different file, and also to copy-paste all elements into a different scribe, and no luck. Rebooting didn't work either.

    Any tips?

    I've also saved this video online if you can view it - its name starts with 2.5.



  • If you are paying for an educational license instead of a professional license, all of your videos will have the logo.  Otherwise, maybe it was a bug that will go away if you restart videoscribe.

    WMV seems to be the format that is most likely to throw an error. Possibly try AVI or publish to and download the mp4.

    Maybe customer support will be able to take a look at your project and give you some tips as well.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike,

    I'm paying for a pro license, so I'm not sure why the logo appeared.

    I was able to solve the issue by adding another element in the end of the video and then rendering. I then removed it in post-editing. I also zoomed out in the end, not sure if that really helped.

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