Canvas for Instagram

  • I really need a way to mark on the canvas that I want to design for 600x600 instagram, it is impossible to cut the video later with another tool like campacia without altering the design, or mutilating it or adding stripes that make the hand appear as floating. Can you help me? 

  • Hi,

    There are a few ways to do this but I think the easiest would be to:
    1)import an absolute square image into videoscribe
    2)scale it as large as the height of the canvas
    3)position it so it touches the top bottom and right edges of the canvas
    4)tape a piece of paper over your screen in such a way that it only covers up the remaining canvas not filled by the square. (This covered area will be the part of your canvas that will be cropped off later, so it should not contain any important art.)

    5) now delete the square and build your scribe in the portion of the canvas that is not covered by that piece of paper
    6) render the video and then use video editing software to crop off the left side of the video and scale it down to 600x600

  • Please, can you make a tutorial for making and uploading a scribe to Instagram? I am a little lost.


  • Video's do not need to be 1:1 for Instagram, you can upload a 16:9 aspect ratio like this one we published today 

  • Ok, Thank you. Nice IG video. I need to step up my scribe game. If you have any comments for my scribes, please let me know. I'm still quite new at this.



    Could I get the name of the font that was used here to draw "Easter egg hunt!" at the beginning of the video?

    Thank you! :)
  • Our creative team have all finished for the weekend and I don't have a copy of the scribe. They'll be back on Tuesday (Easter holiday weekend here in the UK) and I'll get you an answer to that font question then.

  • Just heard back from the creative team, that isn't a font it just been drawn as an SVG by them.

  • Figured as much. Thanks for the reply.

  • All effects of this video were made in VideoScribe ???

  • However there is a trick for Instagram IGTV videos 9:16 


    1. what you can do is use video scribe sideways like turn the whole pc/laptop screen sideways vertically

    2. create a video as usual  bit tricky bt yeah the end result is when you post to igtv the whole screen covers up with the video instead of usual small cropped screen

    3. when the project is complete export as usual and just use 3rd party apk inshort or premier pro and jus rotate the screen 90 

    4. so now you have is a animated white board explainer with ratio 9:16