Can I use 'ipad app - idraw' instead of 'Inkscape' ?

  • Thank you for reading!

    I know 'How to use another language in Video Scribe'

    (This solution - Make Any Font, Text or Equation Draw Well )

    I must have Inkscape to use videoScribe another language.

    Can I change Inkscape tool to ipad app 'idraw'?

    'idraw' can make vector file, so I think using idraw make more better than Inkscape.

    Plz Help me use VideoScribe better.

    (The best solution is to support Korean ^-^;;;;)

    Thank you, I waitting reply 

  • Hi,

    Yes you can probably use iDraw instead of inkscape. You may need to figure out which tools in iDraw are similar to the corresponding tools in inskcape. Other users have said that they use iDraw (Now called Autodesk Graphic)

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