Audio VO not exporting with Scribe--HELP!

  •  I voiced my script and uploaded the MP3, built my scribe and added background music. When I export to a .MOV and when I export to  I have the same problem: the vidoe runs smooth and the music plays but the VO is missing. Of course, playing it as I built it, it's all there.

    Help? I need to give this as a major presentation TOMORROW--yah!!!
  • Since you have the voiceover saved as an mp3, I would recommend deleting the voiceover, saving your project then closing and reopening videoscribe, then reimporting your voiceover again and publishing the video.

    You can also raise a ticket or call sparkol on the phone if you want to contact customer support. although they may already be closed for today (UK office hours). If you do that, you should also save your project to the cloud folder so customer support can see it.

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  • Hi Brenda,

    Sorry for the delay. I have responded to your support ticket this morning. The issue was that one of the audio channels on your voiceover was silent and VideoScribe was rendering the silent channel with the video for some reason. I have raised this with our developers.

  • I am continuously facing the problem of video and audio mismatch.. I am making the audio and making the video with it on videoscribe , but when I download it their is diffrence in the timing of audios and videos. 

    All my work has stopped because of it even after paying a good price for this software.

  • Hi,

    Please read Barry's May 14, 2019 post about sync problems in the new version:

    You may want to switch to an older version until the issue is resolved.

    If that does not solve the problem, please reply again with more info.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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